Things to consider when buying a property in Croatia

Due to the tourismus Croatia turned out as an extremely interesting investment area for anyone looking to invest in real estate.

Added value is also the possibility to use your investment as the vaccation home during the summer or certain periods of year or to rent it out and make some cash flow through out the year.

If you are thinking of any of the above mentioned things you should consider a first few basic variables:

  1. What type of property would you like to buy – apartment, house with the seaview, house with pool or perhaps the house that is walking distance from the sea or even first row?
  2. Which areas are the most interesting – islands or land, south or north, around big cities such as Zadar , Split, Dubrovnik or Pula, or perhaps in a smaller village?
  3. What is your budget limit ?

Keep in mind that the prices of qm can vary a lot depending of the location , type of the property and building year.

For all further issues and questions such as legal confirmation etc. , feel free to contact our team. Invest wisely.

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